High Volume cannabis confectionery

Based in Edmonton, AB, Dynaleo is in application to be a federally-licensed producer of cannabis-infused edibles. Upon completion, we will be capable of producing 400,000,000+ individual gummy pieces annually.

Dynaleo is a second generation cannabis company, with a team comprised of experienced top operators from Canada's leading LP's

Who is Dynaleo?

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We provide a high-volume edibles production solution for our partners. We do this by combining food manufacturing best practices with the regulated Canadian cannabis environment.

Why Edibles?

Dynaleo is here to give consumers an edible experience that is consistent & memorable.

After decades of prohibition, edibles are emerging into the mainstream. Data in the United States shows the edible sector expanding at a rapid pace, with the same set to happen in Canada.

Long gone are the days of haphazard processes and inaccurate dosing. With legalization around the corner, both regulators and consumers have higher expectations in cannabis edibles. Dynaleo aims to usher in the new era of legalized cannabis edibles by ensuring dosing accuracy and quality throughout the design and manufacture process. Only then can edibles reach their full potential as a discrete, convenient and healthy method of consuming cannabis.

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