DYNAWELLNESS is Your Guide to the World of Cannabinoids

DYNAWELLNESS will help you understand and explore the benefits of cannabinoids, the family of active chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. Our soft chews are available in a range of formulations and flavours, each infused with premium purified cannabis isolates. Our cannabis isolates ensure that you experience all of the benefits of cannabis free from THC, the molecule in cannabis that produces euphoric or intoxicating effects. And unlike many other products, our soft chews are laboratory tested and offer precise doses of isolate so that you enjoy a consistent effect every time.

DYNATHRIVE CBD is Made From Precisely Dosed, Purified CBD Isolate.

DYNATHRIVE CBD soft chews are made with purified CBD isolate so that you can get the full CBD experience free from THC. They’re made with Canadian apple juice and real apple cider vinegar for a sweetly refreshing, tart taste. And DYNATHRIVE CBD soft chews are precisely dosed so that your experience is controlled and consistent, every time. They’re the perfect treat to help you make the most of your daily activities, whether you’re on the go, taking a break or need to unwind from a long day.

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